Caring clothes: Loras students help Hempstead


Over the past few weeks, the Loras student, staff and faculty took part in a clothing drive for Hempstead High School. The school has a closet where students who don’t have access to clothes or hygiene products may go to find items that they need. Recently the closet hasn’t been used as often because the clothes inside have become outdated and needed revamping to fit the styles of today. Not wanting to see the closet become unused, junior Andrew Gainer and an assistant to the mentoring program at Hempstead decided to start a clothing drive to refill the closet. With the help of his advisor, professor Michelle Bechen L.M.S.W, Gainer was able to reach out to the student and faculty body of Loras College. He asked for donations that will directly benefit the Hempstead community, especially students who most need help and access to clothing.

Students and faculty members at Loras College have already graciously begun to donate their gently used clothing within the past few weeks. In addition, Hempstead has received at least eight to ten bags filled with clothes for the students. Gainer hopes to see that number grow in the near future and he is now in the process of reorganizing and refilling the closet so that it may be used again soon. Because the closet has become unorganized, he hopes his efforts to reorganize and refill it will give students better access, as well as a reliable resource for basic needs.

“I took part in this drive because I saw a need in the Hempstead community to address a growing issue of homeless or impoverished students whom don’t have access or can’t afford to buy suitable clothing for themselves. I hope that the students who need clothing have another resource at their disposable to receive what they need,” Gainer shares. “I’m grateful to see all the donations we have already received and I look forward to receiving more in the future,” he concludes.

The clothing donation drive is not over yet and if anyone in the Loras College Community is interested in donating, it is not too late to do. You may contact Andrew Gainer at or Michelle Bechen at to arrange a pick up time and date for your donations.

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