Haunting in Hennessy

Last Friday, Oct. 27, the College Activities Board hosted their annual event Haunting in Hennessy. As one of the biggest CAB events of the year, Haunting in Hennessy draws in many students who are looking for a good fright and a rush of adrenaline on Halloweekend.

Junior Abby Oldham has been a part of the Haunting in Hennessy for the last three years as a CAB member.

“It was really fun to watch people go through and actually be scared but also enjoy themselves,” Oldham said.

For this night of frights, Hennessy Hall was overrun by a slew of terrifying creatures and characters. Those brave enough to attend ascended to the fourth floor, entering a dark hallway inhabited by such horror icons as Samara Morgan, the girl-in-the-well from “The Ring” franchise, and masked figures with striking resemblance to cinema’s famous serial killers, both classic and contemporary.

Along the terrifying journey, guests encountered scream queens trapped by psychotic killers and were followed by dark hooded figures, scaring even the bravest students. At the end of the hall, just when they believed it was over, students began to descend the stairs lit by tiny electric candles.

As guests reached the bottom of the winding staircase they were met with a single red balloon, signaling that there must be a terrifying clown nearby. Just as guests thought they could get away without seeing Pennywise, he would jump out from behind a wall. He would scare people into the direction of the exit finally freeing them from the horrors within.

“I really enjoyed how they incorporated both classic and new horror movies,” said senior Brennan Pivnicka. “It made it so much more fun. It’s clear that CAB put a lot of effort into this event and it was a real success.”

“It was a lot of fun,” agreed junior Rachel Brands. “I seriously jumped more times than I thought I would. I really liked how they made it so fun but also scary.”

Please join CAB at their next event tomorrow, Nov. 3, where magician Steve Brundage will perform in the ACC Ballrooms at 8 p.m.

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Katie Tooze is a writer for The Lorian.

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