Harvest season creates road hazards

HarvestStory.Still002DUBUQUE, IA – It’s that time of year again, with crops disappearing in fields as farmers work to bring in crops before winter. But with the harvest also comes hazards for drivers.

Tractors, combines, and other farm equipment can now be seen on roads as harvest season begins. And with tall corn creating possible visibility issues, drivers need to practice extra caution during this time of year.

As an equipment driver for Domeyer Farms, Loras Link understands the importance of these extra cautions. “People need to understand that we need to get places too. We don’t move as fast as they do and we are large, we are slow, but we also have the right-of-way just as much as they do,” says Link.

Farmers ask that drivers be aware of what is going on around them and always keep an eye out for orange slow-moving signs on the backs of farm equipment.

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Melissa is a junior at Loras College originally from Balltown, IA. Melissa is Associate Producer of LCTV News. She enjoys learning more about Dubuque and the Loras community through the work done by herself and the entire LCTV crew. Melissa has been involved in Loras College Television for the past two semesters and looks forward to everything to come.

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