Guided paint night

Cora Shefchik (TheLorian)

What does one get when you combine a canvas, a pallet of paint, painting easels, and an amazing instructor? One gets Guided Paint Night sponsored by College Activities Board (CAB). On Saturday, Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Ballrooms A/B, CAB hired Mercedes from Captured by Canvas. Mercedes has been doing Paint Parties for almost five years, and this was her second visit to Loras College.

Those who came to the Paint Night were provided everything they needed to do the painting: paint, brushes, water, sponge, canvas, easel, and apron. All students needed to bring was a positive attitude and their imagination. Mercedes guided students through an Eiffel Tower at night painting. With clear instructions, lots of blending, and plenty of laughs, the whole process took about 90 minutes. When paintings were completed the group celebrated with a group picture.

Senior Meghann Long organized this event for CAB, working directly with Mercedes to do this event.

“The guided painting with Mercedes was really fun! Everyone’s paintings turned out great,” said Long about the event

CAB would like to thank everyone who came out to paint with us! Check out Captured on Campus at or on Facebook!

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