Getting to the CORE of the issue, 1 brew at a time

Students gathered from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in The Pub on Friday, Sept. 29, in the Alumni Campus Center, not just to drink root beer, but rather to chew on philosophical and theological questions posed by Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews. This event was put on by the Spiritual Life CORE team multiple times throughout the academic year.

David Pitt, associate professor of theology, listens to a group’s response to his message at Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews.

CORE team holds several events for students on campus throughout the year, and this one is one of the most popular. They typically host four HSBB event throughout the year.
“It’s a good place for people to come and be together to learn,” said CORE team co-leader, Callie Owens, said. “I think we all have questions that we want answered, and this is a good place to come to ask those questions.”

About 30 students gathered last Friday to discuss current social issues and reflect on theology. The session was led by David Pitt, associate professor of theology at Loras. He started with the much-debated topic in the recent news of people standing or kneeling for the American flag during the national anthem, especially at NFL games, where protests have been happening within the last few weeks. He ended with how a liturgical song should be completed during Communion at Catholic Mass.

Throughout the entire session, students discussed open-ended questions in small groups before coming back as a large group to share their thoughts with the entire group. As questions touched on theology, a deeper discussion began.
The event concluded at 7 p.m. with a drawing for a prize, and two of the students won a cherished Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews mug. The drawing has become a tradition.

After the event, students seemed very pleased with the discussion.

“It’s good to talk about current events and how they relate to church teachings,” said sophomore seminarian Charles Putbrese.

Students should keep their eyes peeled for more from Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews later in the year.

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