Get your “License to Spy” at the Mississippi River Museum’s newest exhibit

DUBUQUE – Calling all wannabe James Bonds! The National Mississippi River Museum’s new exhibit, “Top Secret: License to Spy”, dives into the world of espionage and secret gadgets.

Created by the Australian company “Psytech”, visitors can crack codes, eavesdrop on conversations and search through databases just like a real life Agent 007.

The whole exhibit allows visitors to use their newfound skills to crack the mystery at the end of the exhibit.

Director of Marketing and Sales John Sutter says he enjoys the exhibit as well.

He said, “I love the laser listening device, you point a laser and shoot it across the room at a window at a target on this window and you can hear what’s going on inside the other room. So it’s a lot of fun.”

It is open from now until April 23.

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