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Dubuque, IA- “Not everyone gets to say their office is 30 or 40 thousand feet.” Brian Arbuckle and Jessica Wagner are both senior at the University of Dubuque and their major is aviation. Wagner says, “I love being around planes….why can’t I fly.” The University houses about 200 aviation majors and is one of the most unique programs the Midwest has to offer. So how does one become an aviation major? What types of classes do you take? Assistant Chief Flight Instructor Brett Hoben suggest, “You start with the basics you know get to know the components of the aircraft and learn how to do the pre-flight and then get in the basics of takeoffs and landing and maneuvering.”

The University trains at the Dubuque Regional Airport and has a fleet on 20 aircrafts available for the students. The University also trains students in other airports including Chicago O’Hare, Midway, and many other major airports all over the country. Students who graduate from the program receive jobs in commercial air, military, and some even become flight instructors themselves.

Arbuckle sums up the program, “You basically get to see the world in a totally different view.”

For more information on the University of Dubuque Aviation Program visit their website.

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