Flu Shot

Dubuque, IA-Although flu season may not officially start for a couple months, health officials are now saying it is time to get vaccinated.

The Center for Disease Control releases their new guidelines every year before flu season starts.

Although there are no new guidelines this year, it still stresses infants over the age of six months need to get the flu shot. Especially, their parents as well because they are the ones who can pass it to their newborns.

In the case of flu season coming early this year, health officials in Dubuque say no on is safe from catching the influenza virus.

Dr. Richard Fairly stresses, ” If you stay at home this does not mean you are not going to spread influenza because you may be spreading a day before you get sick.”

Influenza is one of the most common viruses spread in the United States and physicians stress to sign up early for the flu shot.

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