‘Feiffer’s People’ comes to life in St. Joseph’s Auditorium

“Feiffer’s People” was performed Nov. 6 -8 in St. Joseph’s Auditorium.

feiffers people 2The show did not have a singular plot line; instead, it consisted of many different skits that commented on political or social issues, or were simply made the audience laugh. The cast had the challenge of switching characters for every new skit.

The show was originally based off a series of comic strips by Jules Feiffer. It was then turned into an award-winning series of short comedies to be performed live.

“It was sketch comedy, and I’ve always found that pretty appealing,” said cast member and first-year Sarah Mueller. “It’s a lot of fun being able to play a bunch of different characters.”

Along with Mueller, cast member Benjy Miller enjoyed the challenge of performing a sketch comedy. Miller, a junior, has participated in many plays at Loras, but she found “Feiffer’s People” particularly interesting and exciting.

“It made us stronger as a company having to rely on each other more than usual due to the switching of characters and scenes frequently,” Miller said. “The feiffers peoplemost challenging part was having to switch to a completely different character in a very short amount of time. You had to be able to snap into one character and say goodbye to it as soon as the lights went down.”

A few examples of the different characters that were portrayed include a young woman moving out of her parents’ house only to sneak back inside at night to sleep there, and a man called George and his struggles of being the sole survivor on the moon.

“(My favorite) scene (is) where I have a long, Aubrey Hepburn-ish cigarette holder and I talk in a Boston accent in a low-key trash,” said Mueller.

“The best part of the show was seeing everything we’ve worked on come together,” Miller added. “Watching the audience enjoy what we did to entertain them and seeing  all of our hard work pay off with other people’s laughter was incredibly encouraging and made every rehearsal up to the performances worth it.”

The next production at Loras is “L.O.R.A.S Oldtime Radio: A Blessed Christmas,” hosted by the Guild of St. Genesius on Saturday, Dec. 12, at 7:30 p.m. The Loras Jazz Ensemble will provide live music at this event. After Christmas break, the Players will come together again for the 24-Hour Theatre Project in February and Blacklight Shakespeare in March.

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