Farm Bill Impacts Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa–  The United States Farm Bill expired on September 30th. So far, Congress has taken no action on the bill, leaving many farmers unsure what the future holds.

Dan Hillary has been farming his whole life.  Hillary concentrated his farming on a corn and bean rotation every year. With the drought that occurred this summer, Hillary was fortunate to not be severely impacted.

“If I didn’t have the insurance this year, it would take 5 years profit to pay for what I lost.”  Said Hillary.

But some farmers were not so lucky. Many rely heavily on a Farm Bill, which protects farmers like Hillary from loosing years worth of profit.

“It’s very important that the government has a safety net than we can produce and do a good job and that’s what we want, we want to produce all that the land can put out.”  Said Hillary.

Since the bills expiration farmers have been anxiously a waiting to hear if they will have that safety net this coming year.

“It’s the only thing the farmers really have that does effect how they operate.”  Said Jim Jensen, of the Iowa State Extension office, Farm Management Specialist.

Hilary says we might be seeing an impact when it comes time to replant crops.

“If you don’t have a farm bill by next spring, when we start planting in April, it will effect how and what we plant.”  Said Hillary.
But for now, Farmers like Hilary will patiently wait to see what the future of their crops hold.

“We need to know where we stand, are we going to have some protection or are we going to have conservation.” Said Hillary.

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