Fall Leaves Attract Tourists

DUBUQUE- As the leaves begin to change, tourists flock to Dubuque to admire the amazing views that the bluffs and river have to offer.

According to Taylor Cummings, Director of Marketing for Travel Dubuque, “Dubuque sees an estimated 1.9 million visitors every year.” If those visitors come during the fall, they are in for a treat.

Visitors can enjoy various activities that showcase Dubuque’s unique landscape, including the Fenelon Place Elevator and the American Lady Riverboat Cruises.

“The Fenelon Place Elevator is one of the most popular things to do because it is quick and people can get up and see the foliage from a really unique vantage point,” Cummings explains.

Tourists who are looking for a longer ride are drawn to the bluffs and wildlife of the Mississippi.

Diane Averkamp, General Manager for the American Lady, says, “We have beautiful foliage up and down the Mississippi River and they come to see the colors.”

Captain Richard Ruby adds, “You get to see a lot of migrating geese and our white pelicans are about getting ready to take off for the South. So if you’re lucky enough to hit that cruise, it’s really neat to see.”

These views that we natives may take for granted are definitely not by our visitors.

“It’s very calm, very beautiful,” Tom Donovan, visitor from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, said about the views along the Mississippi River.

What does all of this mean for Dubuque?

“A little over 300 million dollars in economic impact for the area,” Cummings informs.

Those are some pretty expensive leaves.

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