Fair Trade at Einstein’s

October 21 marked a momentous day in the lives of all Duhawks. It was the source of much anticipation and excitement: the day that Einstein Bros Bagels opened to the Loras community.

Einstein’s greets its customers with a comfortable atmosphere, delicious bagels and a plethora of beverage options. While their bagels are their namesake product, Einstein’s coffee is also popular among students. But how ethical is this choice?

Loras College is a fair-trade certified campus, meaning that in May of 2012, Loras College signed a resolution to “seek equity in trade and promote sustainable development.” Our certification means that Loras provides fair-trade coffee and tea in all dining locations, provides education on the importance of buying fair-trade products, offers fair-trade products when possible and holds an annual fair-trade sale for ethically produced items. This certification also means that Einstein’s, as an on-campus eating location, must provide fair-trade options for students.

In accordance with Loras College’s fair-trade status, Einstein’s has agreed to serve one kind of fair-trade certified coffee called Tribeca Fair Trade coffee. This blend was registered with Loras through a licensed partner as a fair-trade certified brand.

Einstein’s major supplier of this Tribeca fair trade coffee is Coffee Bean International, which creates an organic blend of ethically-sourced coffee. Tribeca coffee beans come from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, as well as African and Asian sources such as Sumatra and Ethiopia. Coffee Bean International is a supporter of the Rainforest Alliance, Quality Assurance International Organic, Fair Trade and USDA Organic certifications, meaning they are wholly supportive of the Fair Trade movement.

This is great news for Loras College! Not only is Tribeca coffee fair trade, it is also delicious and convenient for all Duhawks who need a little caffeinated pick-me-up in the morning. It’s very easy to support our school’s fair trade certification with just a quick stop at Einstein’s between classes. As the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, what’s better than a hot cup of coffee? Everyone can feel good about their beverage selection knowing that their coffee blend comes from an ethically sourced company that strives to take care of its international farmers.

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