English-Education students present at national conference

Last week, six Duhawks traveled to Phoenix, AZ, to present at the annual Association of Teachers Education conference. Seniors Anna Speltz, Megan Redmond, Nora Zerante, Holly Klein, recent graduate Molly Cain and education professor Hilarie Welsh represented Loras at the conference. They presented on a unit plan they created and implemented at a local middle school as part of their English Methods course last fall.

The work was first presented at last year’s Legacy Symposium, after which they were encouraged to submit it for consideration at this year’s conference. The unit plan included engaging learning activities to help middle school students learn the different poetic elements within poetry through the voices of five diverse poets.

The three-day conference was comprised of prominent keynote speakers from the education field, including Sean McComb, a high school english teacher and National Teacher of the Year. This year’s theme was “Advocating for the Silenced: The Educators’ Vocation.” All presentations were centered around this theme alongside topics such as recruiting and retaining quality teachers, technology in the classroom, meeting the ever-changing standards of our society, and governmental and educational policy. These presentations were given by a wide variety of educators and researchers from across the country.

The Loras students had the distinction of being the only undergraduate presenters at the conference. All members were honored to share their work with their peers from other institutions such as Arizona State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of California and many more.

The group would like to express their profound gratitude to Loras for this opportunity and for their continued support as they represent Duhawks throughout the country. Their experiences in Phoenix will shape their future curriculum plans as they return to their  beginning careers as educators in an
ever-changing world.

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