eDUcation Club takes on Des Moines

by Emily Erickson: for The Lorian

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Two weeks ago, the eDUcation club members and club advisor, Dr. Welsh, traveled to Des Moines, IA, to learn and advocate for issues surrounding the field of education. The conference was Feb. 14 and 15.

After arriving in the afternoon on Feb. 14, they attended a session that taught them how to address the legislators and senators as well as what topics to discuss. This was a very interesting time to meet with some of the most influential people of the state since they were preparing to vote on House File 291, the collective bargaining bill. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the bill. If this bill is passed, it will take away the unions from the state of Iowa. This means that teachers and other past members of a union do not have the protection they had before this bill.

Members of the eDUcation club had the opportunity to talk to both Democrats and Republicans, allowing them to hear both sides of the issue. During the conference on Feb. 15, they even had the ability to sit in the chambers of the House and Senate while the bill was being discussed.

“I am really excited to become a teacher, but I now realize how much a teacher needs to be an advocate in society,” said junior Nora Kehr. “I can show my students that they have a voice, but you have to let it be heard in order to make a difference.”

For more information about the eDUcation club, contact co-president Emily Erickson at for more details.

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