eDUcation Club attends teaching conference

On Feb. 14, a group of nine students from the Education Department and eDUcation Club attended a Pre Service Teaching Conference in Chicago. It was a long and snowy drive to Chicago, but it was definitely worth it.

On Monday, they had the opportunity to hear from many amazing teachers who are making a difference in the communities they teach in. The Loras group heard from the Illinois and Indiana Teachers of the Year, both giving great insight on the classroom. The Indiana Teacher was blind, and she gave great hope for overcoming obstacles in the future. By the end of her speech, she had a lot of people in tears with the stories that she told. They were also given advice about how to secure the right job for their career. This was beneficial as a lot of the students will be looking for their first teaching jobs in the next few years.

Overall, everyone enjoyed getting to hear different stories from many teachers. A few ideas were stressed by the speakers repeatedly  such as how not every day is going to go well, but tomorrow is always a new beginning. Many also repeated that everything they do is for the kids. Students are the main reason teachers go to work every day and enjoy their jobs. Education is a calling to great work, and people do not choose to work in education by accident.

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