DuRide Serves Seniors

DUBUQUE, IA – A local volunteer program has made great strides in assisting senior citizens over the past year.

Driving up and down the various hills in Dubuque can be difficult, even without ice and snow. The elderly may find themselves in especially difficult circumstances, particularly if they can’t drive. While the Jule is an effective transportation system, it has a specific schedule, and may not go to places an elderly person might need to go. In order to address such a problem, the DuRide program was founded in 2008.

Operating out of its main office on Asbury Road, DuRide sets up rides for people in need of transportation. They do this by acquiring volunteer drivers, and then giving them specific times and places where they can pick up and drop off people who need to go somewhere.

According to Executive Director Greg Orwoll, this is a very effective and accommodating system. Volunteers dictate the times and places they can pick up people, people who are sixty-five and older who need to go somewhere can list their own times and places, and DuRide does the rest by matching them up together. As Orwoll said, “People can decide if they have time to give a ride, and if so, what time of day, maybe who’d they like to give a ride to, what time of day they’d like to go….” People can do any number of rides as they like; according to Orwoll, volunteers run the gamut from a couple rides a month to thirty or more rides per day.

While the group is still requesting new volunteers, they have experienced great success. Over the past year, they have provided a total of 87,000 rides, and they hope to increase that number this year. If you wish to volunteer in any way, you may either call them at 563-451-4999 or e-mail them at info@duridedbq.com. Further information about the group and their work can be found on their website.

To see the broadcast version of the story, please see the LCTV News YouTube channel.

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