Duprov is back once again

LORAS COLLEGE – While it’s not quite Whose Line is it Anyway Loras’ own improv group is back in action. After its debut last year, Duprov returns this week with “Be More and Be Funny”

This year, the group will be exiting the stage to perform in the PUB. We talked with Mike Okas, one of the students helping run the group had this to say about the new locale, “We get to be very close with the audience which is gonna be great for a Duprov type show where we need that audience interaction to make it all worth while and work.”

Although they have smaller numbers, the comedy troupe hopes to bring back their same style of hilarity. With veterans from last year returning; there are also some new improvers joining the group.

Mike gave some final words for all those on the fence about seeing Duprov, “Our group is phenomenal and if you want a good laugh in a really cool setting then you definitely have to come see Duprov because oh they’re just a hoot.”

You can catch DuProv performing today at 7 pm.


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