Duhawks work “9 to 5” All Weekend Long

DUBUQUE-It was all work and no play for one group of students at Loras College who worked *nine to five* all weekend.

Under the direction of Dubuque resident Craig Allen, students presented the musical “9 to 5” at St. Joe’s Auditorium.  While bright, colorful, and jaunty, the musical dealt with an issue of social injustice.  The students used music and dancing to tell the story of three women working against unfair pay and misogynistic practices.

Dr. Kluck of the Loras music department remarks on the issues addressed in the show,  “Sexism in the work place is a big [issue] and the show deals with many facets of that.”

The production didn’t charge anything for the tickets but accepted free will donations to help benefit both the Loras Players and the music department.

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Adrienne is currently a senior at Loras College from Byron, Illinois. She is the sports producer and reporter for LCTV News and a staff writer at the Lorian. After graduation, she hopes to work as an editor in creative video production.

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