Duhawks speak out about leaving Loras

By Xavier Sanchez

Sunday afternoon, members of the Loras College community were alerted to the fate of the school and the plan of action moving forward. President Jim Collins spread the news in a lengthy but necessary email regarding the closing of the school campus and that students will take their classes online from Mar. 24 through Apr. 17. 

The decisions were well thought through by those in positions of power, taking into consideration everyone concerned. Meanwhile, students are coming to terms with their emotions as the rest of the semester is a major unknown. Some are excited, some shocked, others hopeful, and more than a few are sad.

A rare case, but there are quite of few individuals excited about being sent home and moving to online classes. They acknowledged the heartbreak of the situation but also are ready to hit the reset button and remotivate themselves. 

“I’m happy to be able to get to see my home and family,” said sophomore Logan Weist.

There are tons of people feeling sad for those facing the pandemic and how it factors into their daily life. To some seniors, having to move out feels like a goodbye those they have gotten to know and a place they called home for four years.

“Quite honestly, I am very sad for the senior class. It is disappointing that our last go-around will be from the comfort of our own homes, and not with the people we have grown so close with the past four years,” said senior Grant Wiederin.

While others struggle, several individuals on campus have found a deep calling to faith. They remain in shock but want to help in whatever way they can without causing harm to others.

“I think we need to cling to God and trust in Him at this time and stay strong in our faith,” said sophomore Buddy Martens.

“I know I have a responsibility to my global community to take precautions. I will play my part and continue to pray for healing of our world,” said sophomore Paige Lampe.

All these feelings are valid. It is a difficult time for everyone and people experience many emotions toward the pandemic. For the time being, it will be tough but remember what is being done is for the best and will help everyone to come out of it stronger and better than ever.

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Xavier is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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