Duhawks nosh on donuts during food-oriented 5K

donut run
photo by Cassandra Busch

Saturday morning proved to be the perfect day for the Loras Triathlon Club’s first Donut 5K Race at Heritage Trail in Dubuque. The race began on Saturday, April 16 at 10 a.m. The race garnered a total of 72 participants, of all ages and walks of life. The race was put on as a fundraiser by the Triathlon Club in order to raise money for bikes for club members.

The inclusion of donuts made this no ordinary 5k race. There were 400 donuts for participants to nosh on during and after the race, which were donated by Donut Boy. For every donut eaten, participants received a sticker from the race volunteers. There were four donut stations providing donuts and water for those that wanted them, both on the way out and on the way back from the turnaround point.

If a participant wanted a donut, they had to stop and eat the donut in front of volunteers to prove they finished it. Upon finishing it they received their sticker and were allowed to move on. A “Chucky rule” stated that if a participant were to vomit at any point, they would lose all of their stickers. Each donut eaten took time off of the participant’s overall race time.

The co-presidents of the Triathlon Club, sophomore Chris Stoker and junior Paul Conway, were pleased with how the race turned out.

“We weren’t expecting this many people,” Stoker said.

Four members of the Triathlon Club will be traveling to Clemson, SC next week to participate in the USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals on April 22-23. Over 120 clubs are expected to represent. On May 4, the majority of members will participate in a triathlon race at Wartburg College.

Distributed to the winners were handmade metal plaques in the shapes of donuts and painted in purple and gold, created by one of the Triathlon members. There were two categories of winners, one with donuts factored in and one without. There was one male winner and one female winner in each of these categories.

The top male in the unfactored category was Loras first-year Franz Becker, with a time of 22:26. The top female was Dubuquer Jen Schweigert with a time of 23:19. The top male in the factored category was Loras seminarian Christopher Grow, with a time of 19:04 with his eight donuts eaten factored in. The top female was a Dubuque community member with a time of 24:21, who ate two donuts. The top donut eater was senior Michael Okas, who ate 9 donuts.

The event was not only successful in the fact that it included so many participants, but also in that it brought Loras and Dubuque community members together to enjoy the weather while improving their health.

“The Donut 5K was super fun and a really interesting way to eat donuts and not feel guilty,” junior and participant Joshua VanBesien said. “It was awesome getting to support the Loras College Triathlon Club in a way that wasn’t just donating money. Anytime you can combine sweets and exercise is a good time for me.”

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