Duhawks dance the night away at Salsa Night

A live band, dancing and plentiful chips and salsa: ¡Qué divertido!

Last Saturday, Feb. 28, marked the 6th annual Salsa Night, and it was a hit.

Salsa Night is an event hosted by four Loras organizations — UNICEF, CAB, LISA, and the Student Union—as a fundraiser for UNICEF.

For the past 6 years, UNICEF has sponsored a live salsa band to help bring music, fun and dancing into the ACC Ballrooms for this lively fundraiser. The event, which drew over 100 people, brought students, families and staff together.

“My friends and I look forward to Salsa Night each year,” said senior Johnny Mitchell. “It is an opportunity to have fun, hear great live music, and to experience cultural traditions with people who are passionate about world issues.”

UNICEF works throughout the year to help raise money for various long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance programs that aid children and mothers in developing countries. This year, the funds are aimed to assist West African countries affected by Ebola. The group raised over $700.

“We hope to bring in diversity and entertainment to campus while educating the community about global issues and fundraising to support UNICEF’s work on the field all over the world,” explained UNICEF senior advisor, Lina Rodriguez.

This school year, Rodriguez was named a National Council Member, a prestigious position within college UNICEF chapters. The Council consists of seven college students from all over the United States who work directly with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Each student is in charge of a zone where he or she manages, works with and serves as a resource for clubs within that zone. Rodriguez serves as the National Council Member for Zone Four, which covers around 25 campus clubs in the Midwest.

This event is just one of the ways that Loras’ chapter of UNICEF raises money throughout the year.  Salsa dancing was a unique and entertaining way to allow students and the Dubuque community to experience an enjoyable custom of a different culture while simultaneously raising awareness.

“Since I am from Colombia, salsa dancing is part of my culture and is something I grew up with,” Rodriguez said. “I can bring in a little bit of my culture, and people can have fun experiencing it. Being able to share that with the campus and Dubuque community is very rewarding.”

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