Duhawks (& Beyond) Supporting Duhawks

DUBUQUE- As the end of a long day approaches, students and faculty involved in today’s fire at Loras College met at 6 p.m. to discuss the next steps in coping with this tragic event.

Administrators and Residence Life faculty has been working since the fire occurred at around 5:15 a.m. to aid the 45 affected students in any way possible. On campus, in the community, and even beyond the Dubuque area, help is being offered to all.

So what is being done to assist these students?

  1. Immediately upon the breaking news, staff and faculty went out to purchase undergarments, shoes, pants, and toiletries.
  2. All 45 students have received an alternative housing assignment on campus.
  3. Located in Keane Hall, donations and supplies are displayed for these students including blankets, backpacks, notebooks, toiletries, bedding, sheets, clothing, food, and much more.
  4. Students’ laptops are being handled either through damage repairs or receiving alternative laptops.
  5. Laundry gift cards and meal plans were given to each student along with various other gift cards to businesses funded by alumni and local companies.
  6. With the event happening during the middle of midterms, professors were contacted regarding extensions on students’ course loads.
  7. Various food businesses around Dubuque such as Einstein Bros. Bagel, Carlos OKelleys, and Happy Joe’s have donated meals.
  8. University of Dubuque is offering professional clothing to any students who have internships, student teaching, or other formal commitments.
  9. Colleges and universities from the Dubuque area and beyond such as University of Dubuque, Clarke University, Wartburg College, and more are extending their aid.
  10. Organizations within Loras campus are gathering donations and volunteering their time.
  11. Resource Unite has been receiving goods and donations from across the community and now looks to create an adopt-a-student program to individually fund the students’ particular losses.

Keep in mind, this is just a handful compared to the numerous other companies, organizations, and individual donors who have contributed today alone.

Students housed in certain areas of the Visitation Hall will be allowed back into the building this Friday to gather up more of their belongings. Those who were residents of the North section of the building are likely to be placed in alternative housing for the remainder of the Spring semester.

For all students impacted by today’s fire, Loras administration stresses the importance of letting them know of any concerns or requests to assure that all needs are met.

LCTV will be providing more information as the reparation process continues.

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