Duhawkappella Decks the Halls

Duhawkappella had their annual winter showcase last Friday, Nov. 30 in the Loras Ballrooms. Songs performed included “All I want for Christmas is you”, “Away in a Manger”, “Hallelujah”, “Twelve Days of Christmas”, and more. The group offered a great performance with a treat of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for all to enjoy during the show. Duhawkappella also asked for donations of nonperishable food items to give away this holiday season. The show featured current members of Duhawkappella as well as former members and prospective students. Participants included: Daniel Feldhake, Elyse Acompanado, Erica Timmerman, Haleigh Bries, Jake Heidenreich, Jenna Roskopf, Lily Horst, Logan Shroeder, Morgan Minear, Sam Anderson, Sam Guyton-Evans, Simone Guio, Skye Miller, Tyson Morrison, and high school beat boxer Max Rutledge.

As a new professor of music here at Loras, Dr. Jeremiah Cawley said “Well I think that the group is great and they have a lot of fun. I’ve gotten to work with them a couple times leading up to the program, and they’ve always just been a really good time. They have giving spirits, great talent, and it’s overall fun to listen to them perform.” With group songs along with solos, the overall performance truly showcased the talents of the Duhawkappella group.

After the performance, Heindenreich, a member of the group, said, “I feel fantastic after performing today, I had so much fun finally being able to share everything we’ve been working hard for this entire semester and I just feel amazing, there is no better feeling than this. The team is so amazing. It was so wonderful to share our passion as a group, and as a family for everyone else.”

The ballrooms were packed for the event as many people were looking to hear their favorite Christmas carols from a local talented group of college singers. Feldhake said, “I think that the performance went really well. I really enjoyed that the crowd was so full, and it was great to perform and showcase our talents in front of a lot people. I’m really excited to bring in the first-years next spring when we do auditions and whoever else wants to join. I really think that the family we’ve had has been able to grow through each other and have a lot of fun as a result.” Duhawkappella is looking forward to their future showcases and is excited for what the future holds for them and their performances next semester.

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