Duhawk siblings take over campus

Clean your room and make your bed because it’s time for the siblings to come to town. That’s right, this weekend, Mar. 1 – 3, the Loras College Activities Board (CAB) will be hosting the annual siblings weekend. CAB hosts a series of activities throughout the year that aim to bring Loras students closer together. Now, it’s time for students to bring their siblings into their Loras community, and share what it means to be a Duhawk. Events that are hosted by CAB always bring in a crowd of excited students who are prepared to have a great time. Sibling’s weekend is looking like it will shape up to be yet another fun-filled time for the Loras community, and their siblings.

Cora Shefchik, a sophomore at Loras and member of CAB, is in charge of sibling’s weekend this year. Shefchik, and the entire CAB team, have a multitude of events planned for Friday and Saturday.

“Friday will consist of a game night in the ACC ballrooms. There will be inflatable twister, skee-ball, and plenty of board and card games. Saturday will feature crafts for all the different ages, games of Kahoot, Trivia, and a show by Daniel Martin,” Shefchik explained. “I am really looking forward to seeing all of the siblings together on campus. It will be such an amazing time watching them interact and spend time together her on campus for a weekend.” The game night on Friday and Daniel Martin will be open to all students on campus.

CAB has done many of these events before and they have been big hits throughout the Loras community. Sibling’s weekend will be a time for students to showcase their growth at Loras to their siblings first-hand, and share with them what Loras has to offer.

CAB aims to create a fun and enjoyable college experience for the students. Some upcoming events include Kevin Bozmen, The George Twins (available on spotify), Verticle Jump night, a Star Wars themed event at the beginning of May, and DuFest after Dark.

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