DuFest After Dark is in full swing

Every weekend, College Activities Board (CAB) puts on events that range from bingo in the pub to tickets to Escape Rooms across town. Every year there are a few special events like Loras After Dark the first weekend of the school year, Winter Fest the week before Winter Finals, and Comedian Daniel Franzese from Mean Girls.

On Monday, May 6 they started celebrating Spring Fest, where there’s an event every day for students to de-stress and take a step back from studying for just a little bit. Monday they had a free promo pass out which included reusable straws, sunglasses, and chap stick with a key chain. Tuesday there was a free cookout by the Byrne Oak apartments. Wednesday they brought musical acoustic duo Brother Brother. On Thursday they will host a Video Game Tournament in Keane Hall. Friday they will be doing their final CASH CAB of the year, with a special event at the end of the day.

Last year CAB started a new tradition called DuFest After Dark on the final Friday of the semester. This event shares a resemblance to Loras After Dark but with even more activities.

“When I saw how popular it (Lora After Dark) was I asked Veronica Kelly about hosting another Loras After Dark event at the end of the year as a sendoff and she ran with it.” said Brinton Vincent.

There will be food and license plates/street signs like last year. There will also be many games and activities to receive tickets for the raffle drawings, which includes inflatables, foot darts, bumper cars, caricatures, and more. Everything is free and the event will be held in the ACC parking lot on Friday, May 10 from 8-11 p.m.

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