Dubuquers Take to the Streets to “Walk With a Veteran”

DUBUQUE – The Dubuque American Legion is sending in a check to the Iowa Children’s Hospital today after a successful fundraiser this past weekend.

Area veterans took to the streets with family and friends in the first annual Walk With a Veteran event.

The goal was to promote healthy lifestyles and raise money for the Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Those who took part walked a mile-long course before settling in to watch the Iowa football game.

“Oh this is wonderful…because we want to get the word out of how we help our veterans and their families,” says John Richardson, the Post Adjunct. “This isn’t an organization, it’s a big family.”

The walkers even recorded their own Iowa Wave to post on social media during the 1st quarter of the football game.

Those who participated in the event ranged from 2 years old to 96 years old.

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