Dubuquers Host Weekly Open Mic Comedy Event

DUBUQUE – A group of local comedians are hosting a weekly open mic comedy event.

The mic is every Tuesday at 9 at the Greenroom Bar & Lounge in Downtown Dubuque.

The comedians prepare original sets and perform them in front of anyone willing to listen.

The open mic is great for anyone itching to flex their funny bone.

Only having been around for a couple of months, the event is relatively new.

The comedians encourage anyone 21 and over to come by and support local comedy.

The open mic is significant because it is one of the closest in the area.

“The next [open mic] is an hour and a half away,” explained comedian Tom Galloway.

“We wanted to make sure people around here knew about it.”

The founders hope this fact will draw local comedy enthusiasts to their show.

Anyone 21 and over can participate in the mic or simply stop by and listen.

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