Dubuque Symphony Orchestra Back In Action

Last March, all kinds of businesses closed down, including live entertainment, and people have been longing for live music to return. 

With concert halls opening back up, the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra was next to join. Over the weekend, they played a selection of classics at the five flags theater here in Dubuque.

Music director and conductor William Intrilligator showed great excitement over the fact that they were finally able to play to a crowd again

William Intriligator | Dubuque Symphony
Dubuque Symphony Orchestra Maestro William Intrilligator

“Well it’s been very hard for musicians because for many of us there hasn’t been opportunities to perform because of covid, but we’re starting to get back into performing “

Despite the fact that covid is still present and relevant in todays current environment, Intrilligator says that not everything about it is bad.

“One of the things about social distancing that has been a silver lining is that it’s causing us to listen more to each other”

While Intrilligator does see certain benefits to the pandemic and the many guidelines that came along with it, others saw a drastic change

Percussionist and orchestra manager Matthew Foley states that there were many things that needed to change and evolve over these long months

“There’s sort of an endless list of how things have been affected by this pandemic of course, the schedule was altered amazingly, we had to pivot in all directions figuring out things from safety to new repertoire and is it safe to have an audience or do we have to do the digital offering digital content, so there’s been a little bit of a discussion about everything that you can imagine”

Despite all of this planning, discussing and implementing, Matthew still sees room to change

“We try to do as much as we can, and it still is not enough sometimes and we keep trying to figure it out like everyone else”

Through all of this, the orchestra has remained excited to continue with the regular concert cycle and play in front of an audience again. Now more than ever, music has the power to heal.

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