Dubuque, Surrounding Area Recover from Flooding

DUBUQUE – Eastern Iowa residents are still recovering today from flooding caused by lots of rainfall last week.

Dubuque specifically received almost 4 inches of rain over the past 10 days.

That may not seem like a lot, but much of that rain came in a very short amount of time, which brings up flood concerns.

Areas just north of Dubuque still show signs of flooding, especially up by Sageville and Durango.

Tom McCarthy and the Iowa DNR have been hard at work these past few weeks making sure flood plains and waste water bypasses are at peak performance.

McCarthy still expressed some worry for local farmers.

“With the wet conditions, they’re not able to apply manure the way they normally would…so it’s really crunching that time, but they have to apply it before we have the ground freeze up…It’s a real concern.”

The Iowa Flood Center recently released new flood maps to inform citizens about areas around the state with a higher risk of flooding.


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