Dubuque Spotlight of the Week: Mindframe Theater

Q: What is Mindframe Theater?
A: Mindframe Theater is the Dubuque community’s independent movie theater. They show a variety of material, including the box office successes, foreign films, small studio films that don’t make it to most big screens, classic movies that have not been playing for years, and many more.

Q: Is it more than just a theater?
A: Yes, Mindframe does more than just play movies. Cultural and local events are often held at the theater, whether it be screening the Oscars or documentaries, live theatrical performances, concerts, parties and more.

Q: Are there food and drink nearby?
A: Mindframe has a pretty typical concession stand set up, but they do also offer alcoholic beverages to purchase for those of age. Also, there is a coffee shop in the lobby called Molly’s Silver Screen Canteen that offers coffee and other small items to purchase.

Q: Where is Mindframe Theater located?
A: They are located behind Kennedy Mall in Dubuque, at   555 John F Kennedy Rd, Dubuque, IA 52002.

Q: Do they have deals for students?
A: Provide your student ID and receive a ticket to any movie at Mindframe during the evenings, Sundays through Wednesdays.

Q: How can you hear more from Mindframe?
A: They are found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat!

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