Dubuque Roller Derby Team Loses Home Turf


The Bomb Squad roller derby team has been practicing here in Dubuque for the past six years… But their bought on home turf is coming to an end.

Team President Raven Loonatik said, “We were a little taken aback. We were like oh no, they’re closing?”

The bomb squad practices and has their matches at Courtside Sports Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, this season will be the teams last at this location.

Courtside server Brittany May said, “You know it’s like a home to us so were all kind of losing out but like I said its run its course.”

This Spring Courtside Sports Bar and Grill will be shutting down, leaving the bomb squad with no place to compete.

Brittany said, “They’ve been coming for many years here to have their bouts and do their practices as well.”

The bomb squad has been using their off-season time to search for a new venue, described by Raven as “(their) forever home” but have run into a few issues.

“We don’t tear up the floor, a lot of people are a little nervous about that.”

The team needs about 8000 square feet of flat ground to be able to compete.

“A nice hard flat surface so anything like sport court, concrete, wood anything without large cracks or holes.”

Until then, Raven and the team practice at the national guard armory and are optimistic about the future saying, “At first it was striking and we though oh my gosh what are we going to do and then we all kind of stepped up and said we’ll find something.”

The Bomb Squad is focusing on making contact with different facilities in their off time. The team hopes to secure a new location by the start of their season in May of 2019.

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