Dubuque Public Library opens Recording Studio

Dubuque, IA – The Carnegie Stout Public Library has a newly built recording studio. 

The WhisperRoom made its media debut last month. Arriving in a whopping seventy-five boxes, the studio was constructed between July and August of this year.

This $12,000 dollar space was funded by three organizations. The Dubuque Racing Association, The Carnegie Stout Public Library Foundation, and The Frank Hominman Trust. 

Some features include two professional microphones, headsets for feedback, premiere audition software, and various musical instruments to create background instrumental. 

Inside WhisperRoom

On average, five to ten guests per week utilize this room. From podcasts to writing and recording songs, the WhisperRoom offers users space to work creatively and think quietly. 

Maker Space Library Assistant Colleen Kersh discusses the benefits of using this studio

“ It’s free and recording time or studio time can be quite expensive. What you’ll need to have is a library card and you’ll need to sign an equipment release policy.”

Interested in checking out this space? Visit or call the Carnegie Stout Public Library to reserve your time.
Featured Photo Courtesy of The Carnegie Stout Public Library

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