Dubuque Military Brides Receive Free Wedding Gowns

DUBUQUE – Something borrowed, something new, and something blue.

These three items are essentials for any bride on her wedding day. Being able to afford something new, though, can be a bump in the road to any fairytale wedding.

But what makes planning a wedding even more difficult? Marrying someone in the military.

“She just wore a little white lace skirt and he had his blues on, and immediate family only,” Shelly Mattison recalls about her daughters quick wedding. “They got married before he was deployed to Afghanistan. And we planned that one in a week and a half. So it was small, simple.”

But, every girl deserves her dream wedding.

That’s why Brides Across America was created – to give military brides the opportunity to have their dream wedding by receiving a free wedding gown.

“So many brides that are in the military don’t have the time to be able to plan their wedding whether they be overseas or financial hardships, and this is one way we can help make wedding dreams come true,” Zazou’s Manager Jodi Stricker explains.

Baylea Hinrichs was one of five lucky Dubuque brides that was able to partake in the program on Sunday morning.

“It was awesome. They were very wonderful to me here and I just couldn’t be more blessed to have this opportunity.”

And when asked if this will be an event that Zazou’s does again in the future, Jodi gave a most definite answer.

“This will be a staple for sure. It’s too important; it’s too cool of a thing not to do.”

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