Dubuque ‘makes a difference’

On Saturday, Oct. 24, the local annual Andrew Connolly Make A Difference Day was held once again at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Designed as a day for helping others, countless American citizens pitch in to aid those who are less fortunate. Senior citizens, handicapped, and other such members of the community are sought out and assisted in several ways. Volunteers complete simple chores around the house, partake in necessary repairs and modifications to household structures, and also encourage and socialize with those who are homebound.

This year, the turnout of volunteers was one of the finest ever. After a short period of training, teams of six volunteers were sent out to two different homes apiece to uphold the spirit of being a good neighbor. Several of these people were Loras students, and whether helping out for the first time or returning from previous years, all were enthusiastic at the chance aid those in need.

“I love helping with this day,” said junior Jesslyn Grothoff, “because the looks on people’s faces when a group shows up to help fix up their house is priceless.”

“I really enjoyed Make a Difference Day. It is a great opportunity to get out and connect with the community members,” said senior Sarah Homan.

Make A Difference Day is an honorable tradition that seeks to strengthen the bonds of the community. It upholds some of the most basic human morals by helping others, which in turn helps to make our world a better place.

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