Dubuque hosts 3rd annual Baconfest

The Grand River Center held the third annual Dubuque Baconfest last Thursday, Oct. 1. Over 600 people were in attendance in hopes of expanding their love for bacon in many different forms.

Photo by Clare Huguelet

Eighteen local restaurants sampled off creative creations both promoting their business and inspiring guests to think outside the box. From Bacon Bloody Mary’s to Bacon Maple Ice Cream, the options defied an average restaurant menu. Combinations of seasoning and ingredients challenged the stomachs of all present.

The large venue hardly held the hearty appetite of the diverse crowd. Greasy smells matched oiled fingers daring digestive systems to disagree. Mainstream pop music blared while contestants chewed strip upon strip of Hormel Bacon.

The bacon-eating contest entertained the crowd lessening the calorie guilt building up in the backs of their throats. Laughter rose as appetites decreased and merriment took the bite off of an overfull stomach. A photo booth sat in the corner offering documented memories of an unforgettable night.

An event such as Baconfest redefined the boundaries of cooking and brought a sense of community to Dubuque. Food is often a catalyst to conversation. Conversation creates ties and ties create a community.

The event continues to grow each year, attracting more to the table of fellowship. Every year restaurants provide a feast full of satisfaction and new recipes. Along with leaving a great taste in your mouth, the proceeds benefit Area Residential Care.

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