Dubuque County plans to upgrade emergency radio system

DUBUQUE – The Dubuque County 9-1-1 Board is looking to upgrade the radio system used by emergency personnel. The Federal Government recently changed the standards, so the current communication set up is out of date.

The guidelines require the county to purchase a new radio system costing almost $10.1 million. The 9-1-1 Board does not have enough funds to cover the cost.

Members proposed that the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors levy taxes across the county to help pay for the new system.

9-1-1 Board budget director Denise Dolan said, “It’s 20 years-old, so we got good life out of it, but as everything just gets older it needs to be replaced. We need to step up and meet the new standards for communication equipment and that’s what’s making the new system a little more expensive.”

Maintenance for the current setup will continue until the end of the calendar year. After December, the system provider will have difficulties finding parts if any repairs are needed.

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