Dubuque Community Rallies for Transgender Rights


Indigo Channing stands in Washington park portraying a simple message: “Trans people exist.”

Just last week President Trump announced that his administration is taking a look at whether or not a persons sex should be biologically defined at birth.

Indigo stated, “Taking a stance that this is determined at birth and this is it-  what we’re doing is taking the ability for people to have life saving treatments covered by insurance.”

In the USA there are 700,000 people that identify as transgender. Of the 50 states there are 18 with clear protection laws. The other 32 have either partial protection or none at all.

It is because of this that people like indigo and students like Whitney are taking the time to advocate for transgender rights. “It just makes a lot of people really nervous for their own rights and their own safety everyday.”

If President Trump decides to pursue his intended action, those who undergo transgender surgery or simply choose to identify as the other sex will have no federal protection to do so.

The new law would require everyone born in the US to follow their assigned sex at birth.

Whitney talked about her comfort saying, “I’m comfortable with who I am and I’m happy with who I am and I feel like everyone deserves that chance.”

It’s this idea of self identification that motivated speaker after speaker to share their message of hope.

“We have to look at the long term like what can we do to help heal ourselves and to heal the society”

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Maggie is a junior at Loras College and is from Mokena, Illinois. She is an anchor, producer, and reporter for LCTV News majoring in media studies with a minor in Public Relations and Politics.

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