Du what? DuProv!

Are you ready for some comedy? This coming Friday and Saturday, April 15 and April 16, the Loras Players will be presenting their last event of the season, DuProv: Comedy for President. This is third consecutive year of improv comedy that Loras students have performed to entertain students, faculty and staff.

DuProv, which stands for Duhawk Improv, revolves around the art of improvisation. This consists of performing on the spot with little to no preparation time. The evening of comedy will put skills of quick thinking and humor to the test. Unlike last year, DuProv will put two teams up against each other to see who can get the most points.

The Knights of the Lunch Table, which is comprised of senior Michael Okas, junior Kyzer Moore, sophomore Ben Pashon and first-year Sarah Mueller, will face off against Illegal Karaoke, which starts seniors Kyle Leeson and Stephanie Benic, junior Benjy Miller and first-year Ervin Yahr. Both of these teams will be competing for the DuProv trophy, which will depend on the points from the audience and the judges. The points will be based on applause after each scenario. Both performance nights will be emceed by Austin Cousins and will be judged playwright Lenore Howard, Dean of Students Art Sunleaf and Admissions Representative Luis Santoyo.

Duprov has been a hit on the Loras campus for the past two years, and this year’s competition looks to be no different. The cost is free for Loras affiliated. Come to one night or both. Either way, anyone who attends will not be disappointed. It promises to be an exciting time. Both shows will start at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Joseph Auditorium in Hoffmann Hall.

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