Du Welcome Emily Difilippo to Campus

Assistant Professor Emily Difilippo is the newest member of the Spanish program faculty at Loras, and recently gave some information on herself.

Originally from the St. Louis area, Professor Difilippo has a Bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, with a double major in English and Spanish. She also has a Master’s degree in Spanish from Washington University, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Notre Dame. Professor Difilippo recently completed her Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Culture at the University of Illinois.

Professor Difilippo will be teaching Spanish language, literature, and culture at Loras. She will also be teaching College Writing in the English program starting next semester.

This semester Professor Difilippo is teaching Spanish 460 (Spanish Literature and Culture) and two sections of Spanish 210 (Intermediate Spanish). Intermediate Spanish covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All classes are conducted in Spanish from day one.

“I always saw myself in a liberal arts college environment … because I appreciate the opportunity to have close relationships with students, and to be involved with student life,” Professor Difilippo said about her interest in position at Loras. ”Prior to doing my Ph.D. … I taught in a couple of Catholic high schools in the St. Louis area. The environment of Catholic education is familiar to me. When I visited, it kind of felt like home here. It felt like a very welcoming place (with) a strong sense of community. That was something I always valued in a position.”

“It’s important to participate and to be involved, in language classes and in literature and culture classes … to learn through discussion with other classmates and with me,” Professor Difilippo said, giving advice to students taking her class.

“Teaching people to learn to communicate in another language, and to learn about another culture, will allow them to have experiences and relationships that they wouldn’t otherwise have had access to … that’s what knowing Spanish has done in my life,” Professor Difilippo said, expressing her love for teaching Spanish.

Professor Difilippo has an article and a book chapter accepted for publication — and another article submitted for publication – based on her doctoral thesis work.

“In January I’ll be going to Madrid to do some archival research, to develop a class … I’m looking forward to that,” she said.

“People in the Midwest are just friendly … I appreciate that.” Professor Difilippo and her husband are both from the St. Louis area, and they both like the Midwest.

Professor Difilippo lives in Dubuque with her husband and dog. Her dog Sancho is named after Don Quixote’s sidekick Sancho Panza in the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

Professor Difilippo enjoys the Farmer’s Market, the Millwork district, and Inspire Café. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga and quilting.

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Daniel Willis is a copy editor and staff writer for The Lorian.

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