Dogs on Campus

 DUBUQUE – Residents in Binz Hall and around the country have had new neighbors moving in… ones with wiggly tails and four paws.

In the past, no pets were allowed in campus housing, recently, this has changed due to new additions in the Fair Housing Act.

Molly Burrows Schumacher, Director of Residence Life at Loras College, clarifies on this matter, “Overall over the past five years there has been a significant increase of requests for not only service animals like you would think in the traditional sense like a guide dog but also for emotional support and therapy animals.”

Loras has their own specific list of requirements for students wanting a pet in campus housing. First, you need to have medical documentation proving a need for a companion.  Next, Loras requires paperwork about the animals training, vaccinations, and liability insurance. Lastly, residence life distributes a survey to all neighboring students about allergies or other health concerns.

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