Dessert Pops sweetens Loras Family Weekend

On Nov. 5, during Family Weekend, the Loras College music department hosted their annual Dessert Pops concert.  It is the main event of Family Weekend that invites all ages to listen to Loras students perform while enjoying a large variety of desserts and coffee.

Before the event began, there was a line that reached from the ACC Ballrooms all the way past the mailroom. The doors opened at 7 p.m., and the Ballrooms quickly filled with family members, friends and music lovers, all excited for one of the most fun concerts of the year. It’s the only annual concert that is filled with popular songs from movies, Broadway shows and modern songs. The Loras College Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Bella Voce, Chamber Choir, Duhawkappella, the Loras Drumline, and several soloists got to play and sing some of their best pieces. Plus, each table was adorned with some of the yummiest desserts; from lemon bars to mini cupcakes, Dessert Pops had it all.

“The Dessert Pops concert was both delicious and entertaining,” sophomore Elizabeth Tigges said. “It was really exciting to see that so many people at Loras have been blessed with so much talent.”

All of the performances showed that everyone had worked hard to make the show spectacular. One of the most intriguing pieces of the night was senior Allison Klimesh’s rendition of the song “In Short” from the musical Edges. It’s a peppy, upbeat song about how a girl wants her ex-boyfriend to die (in a variety of painful ways) because the romantic part of their relationship is very much over. Junior Theresa Milazzo sang the classic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz.” She put a lot of feeling into the song, and everyone felt right at home listening.

At the end of the night, the Loras College Concert Choir came onstage to sing the final piece together. They sang the Ice Worker song from Frozen. It wasn’t your typical Frozen song that you would expect to hear at the concert (think “Let It Go”) but it was an absolutely stunning way to round out an exciting night of fun and beautiful music.

“It was such a wonderful experience as I got to sing music that I knew and loved,” sophomore Antonia Rupert said. “It is always so exciting to hear all the other people showing their talents as well. And food is always pretty exciting, too.”

“I really enjoyed performing at Dessert Pops,” junior Adrienne Pearson said. “It such a fun concert!”

“It was the third year that I was in Dessert Pops,” junior Caitlin Hansen said,  “and it’s always an honor to perform with people who are so talented.”

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