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There have been many ways that COVID-19 has impacted Loras students. With the closing of campus and introduction of online courses, the transition is different for each individual. The shut-down of campus has resulted in several students losing their campus jobs. For many students, working on campus was their main source of income while at school.

Loras Sophomore Abby Paul was only one of many students affected. Abby was a Resident Advisor for Rohlman Hall. “Financially, it’s been pretty rough”, Abby said. “I’m trying to save up for a house this summer and when I got the e-mail saying that we weren’t going to return to campus, I panicked.” Paul went on to explain,

“Thankfully my sister hired me to babysit my nephew while she works from home”.  

Not every student’s experience was like this, though. Other students were being supported by their families while attending school.

Loras Junior Ryan Rogers was supported by his family during classes. “Financially we’re holding stable right now, but it’s definitely weighing on my family”, Rogers explained.

“My dad’s business is closed for now and my mom can’t teach right now, so we’re just relying on savings for now.”

Rogers is hopeful that things will work themselves out, but he acknowledged the stress of his family’s circumstance.

In an attempt to help citizens remain financially stable when they’re not receiving a paycheck, the government passed the CARES Act. This act provides a one-time stimulus check to citizens. However, not every college student will be able to receive a stimulus check.

Young adults who are working, but still claimed as a dependent, aren’t eligible to receive a stimulus check. This also means that their parents cannot receive the $500 check for any dependent over the age of 18.

In an effort for students to remain financially stable, filing for unemployment is their only option. Unfortunately, that alone isn’t going to be enough for some students to get by.

Loras student Fabian Hernandez is among many that have filed for unemployment.

“I just am barely going to have enough to pay rent, let alone bills.”

Hernandez is one of many students who will be struggling to make ends meet due to the virus.

In the week of March 22-28th, Iowa Workforce Development reported that 55,963 Iowans filed for their first week of unemployment benefits.

As classes won’t resume at Loras for the rest of the semester, students are left to their own devices. They must find jobs elsewhere, file for unemployment, or receive support from family members. This is in addition to practicing social distancing and keeping up with online courses.

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