Duhawks Du Day of the Dead

“The Day of the Dead” festivities came to a close Nov. 6, as the Intercultural Programs Office and Student Life teamed up to host the first “Dia de Los Muertos” event.

One of the main purposes of the event was to help students get a better understanding of what the holiday actually meant and what it signified to those who celebrate it.

The event began with a summary of when and where the holiday is commonly celebrated, as well as the different kinds of customs and traditions that typically accompany the holiday.

Pan dulce, a traditional pastry that is had during the holiday was then enjoyed by all students present. Small canvases were then distributed, and students had the chance to paint and decorate colorful skulls that embody the holiday as a whole.

Unique calaveras (skulls) were created and shared by all who were present, as skulls differed based on various meanings behind the individual designs. The night was concluded by the showing of the popular Disney movie ‘Coco.’ This movie was shown, as it represents and displays just how much the holiday means to people as well as what actually goes on during the holiday celebration.

Events like these continue to help bridge the Loras community to Latinx customs, celebrations, and traditions. There are sure to be more events similar to this in the near future, that will help accomplish the goal of bringing various cultures together.

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