Dark Chambers haunted house looking to move locations

DUBUQUE – Abandoned saw mills, dark hallways, a terrifying teddy bear, and a clown wielding a chainsaw? Just another Sunday night for those brave enough to walk through the Dark Chambers. Located just off of Highway 151 in the Port of Dubuque, Trent Johnson has been setting up his “little shop of horrors” for the past five years.

Every year brings something new to the Chambers, whether it be adding an outside portion to heighten the experience, or unexpected scares that you would never see coming. But the biggest change to come to Dark Chambers isn’t horror related, it’s purely location based. Johnson says that he has been looking for a new home for his haunted fun for the past three years, and he is confident that 2015 will be the last year the Chambers set up shop downtown Dubuque.

“I really want to find a spot that I can purchase myself and have a long term, permanent haunt ready to go for years and years and years and years… Any spot that you have, you’re going to utilize the space to make the most intense stuff that you can.”

The possibility of a new location for this popular attraction may leave some fans skeptical of the yearly attendance rate. However, visitors that we spoke to at the Chambers say they don’t care where Johnson goes, they would still make the trek out to brave his horrific halls.

The Chambers will be closing it’s doors for the season on October 31st.

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