Dance Marathon putts for preemies

photos by Rachel Moser

This Saturday, Loras College Dance Marathon hosted its first “family event” of the academic year. Family events are events that are open to both students and “miracle families,” local family Dance Marathon supports at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Events can range from Fighting Saints hockey games, to trick-or-treating in the residence halls, to coloring and watching movies together. The most recent event was mini-golf that raised awareness for Loras’ miracle kiddos who were born prematurely.

putting-for-preemies-moser-bwIn 2014, one of every 10 babies were born preterm, or before 37-weeks. Premature births happen daily, and can cause a multitude of issues for the child. Putting for Preemies not only raised awareness for premature babies, but also highlighted Dance Marathon miracle kiddos who were born prematurely. 56 students, community members, and miracle families came out to Derby Grange Golf Course for some healthy competition and fun. Holes included signs with information about the miracle kiddos, as well as challenges from them to make the game a little more interactive. Challenges included: meowing like a cat every stroke, standing on one leg, keeping your eyes shut for three strokes, and putting between your legs.

Check out Dance Marathon’s next family event, Miracle Prom, next Saturday, Sept. 17,  from 6-8 p.m. in the ACC ballrooms.putting-for-preemies-moser-3-bw


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