Dance Marathon hosts annual FT5K

On Saturday, students and other members of the community began their morning in a crisp white T-shirt on Chaplain-Schmitt Island in Dubuque to participate in the third annual FT5K (5K for the kids).

Photos by Austin Lowry-Luther

Held in the fall, this run raises money for Loras College’s Dance Marathon (LCDM), the largest per-capita fundraiser on campus. Proceeds from the events throughout the year are donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital to help children who are fighting cancer and their families.

The pre-run celebration began with the LCDM morale captains dancing to last year’s morale dance and getting the Miracle Families and other participants excited for the run. After passing five color stations and being plastered with all the colors of the rainbow, 225 runners and walkers were welcomed back to the finish line by members of the Loras College Drumline. 2

All participants completed the 5K in just over an hour. To celebrate the completion of 3.1 miles, runners participated in a color war as packets of colored dust were distributed and the air was filled with music, cheers and endless amounts of color in celebration of the money raised for the kids.

LCDM would like to give a big thank-you to all the volunteers and the Loras Drumline who dedicated their Saturday morning to this cause. Until there are no more sick kids, they will continue to run, because no kids should have to fight their battles alone.

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