COVID Phase 1B Slated For February 1st. Whose Getting It? When Are They Getting It?


Iowa Department of Public Health is planning a new phase in the covid vaccine distribution process with a few new groups eligible for the vaccine

Phase 1B of the vaccine distribution was announced January 14th 2021 and included a broad variety of new individuals that are eligible for the vaccine. Although these individuals are eligible for vaccination, many of them are asking the question; when can I get vaccinated?

In an interview with Dubuque Public Information Officer Randy Gehl, he speaks on behalf of the Dubuque public health and incident management team.

“We’re very happy that people are interested in getting vaccinated as soon as they can, thats great news to us because we want to get as many people vaccinated as possible, but they need to just be a little more patient as these plans are finalized”

Dubuque Public Information Officer Randy Gehl

As a part of the Phase 1B vaccination plan, teachers assistant Kiley Schulz is happy to receive the vaccine, despite not being positive when she’ll get it.

“So I have not yet received my vaccination, and I’m not positive as to when I will be able to receive it. I do plan on getting the vaccination at some point in the pretty near future. I wanna make sure that I’m not only protecting myself but protecting those around me.”

In conjunction with local clinics and hospitals, the Health and Incident Management team have been putting the finishing touches on plans to distribute the vaccine to those in this current phase. They plan on beginning Phase 1B February 1st.

JANUARY 28th 2021

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