COVID-19: The worst is behind us

Emma Hennessy (TheLorian)

At the time of reporting, Jan. 22, there are about 24,861,388 reported cases of COVID-19, 10,845,438 reported recoveries, and about 413,259 reported deaths in the United States. The state of Iowa has about 310,893 cases, 273,021 recoveries, and 4,478 deaths from COVID-19. Dubuque County has 11,513 cases, 10,348 recoveries, and 159 deaths from COVID-19. 

Newly elected President Biden signed an executive order that requires masks to be worn in federal buildings. According to the New York Times, “Seeking to unify the global response to the coronavirus, President Biden on his first day in office retracted a decision by the Trump administration to withdraw from the World Health Organization.” President Biden also signed two more executive orders that will aid in workers’ rights and in fighting hunger during the pandemic. 

More than 11 million residents of the United States have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Starting Feb. 1, The State of Iowa plans to expand the priority groups for the COVID-19 vaccine. Studies show that both vaccines have at least 90 percent (or more) efficacy rate. The CDC recommends that people ask their doctors before taking the vaccine if they have ever had an allergic reaction to other vaccines. Some side effects of the vaccine can include fatigue, muscle soreness, aches, joint pains, and headaches. Doctors say that these side effects are normal and are signs that one’s body is reacting normally. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine in Dubuque, please visit

It is recommended by the CDC that you get tested for COVID-19 if you experience symptoms, have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, if you have taken part in activities that increase risk of getting COVID-19 (traveling, large gatherings, etc), and if you have been asked by healthcare provider, or you state health department.

Loras College, as of Jan. 22, has been put on Alert Yellow Status. Masks are required on campus when a distance of six feet isn’t met. Governor Reynolds placed limits on seating. Therefore, no more than eight people can be sitting at a table at the same time. To-go options for dining are encouraged. It is also encouraged for groups to consider meeting via Zoom. Dorm hall common areas will be at 50 percent capacity. Non-Loras residents are not allowed in college housing at this time.  For more information, please look for COVID-19 update emails.

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