CORE team, Sunleaf host Holy Spirits & Biblical Brews

Photo by Krissy Juarez

The first Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews (HSBB) of the 2015 school year kicked off with a crowded, newly renovated Pub awaiting Dr. Art Sunleaf, Dean of Students, to share his spiritual journey through the years. The CORE team hosts HSBB monthly in the Pub with various speakers from Loras and sometimes the greater Dubuque community. The concept plays off of the popular Theology on Tap program. However, HSBB caters to a younger than 21 crowd by offering free root beer and pub mix, instead of the typical alcoholic beverages served at a Theology on Tap event.

The event first started off with Dr. Sunleaf encouraging the students to recreate a “spoken word” vibe in the Pub by making a tch-tch noise repeatedly while he chanted the Loras fight song. It elicited laughs from the audience mixed with applause.

“I am humbled, honored, nervous and anxious to be here,” stated Dr. Sunleaf, but if he was nervous he certainly didn’t show it. He then launched into introducing himself, where he was from, how many daughters he has, and briefly mentioned a tortoise named Frank.

One of the most interesting components of Dr. Sunleaf’s talk was that he himself is not Catholic, and as a result has had various experiences with Christian denominations that most members of the audience wouldn’t have much experience with.

An extremely relatable component of the night is when Dr. Sunleaf shared that during college he struggled with questions about faith but has now come to recognize himself as “a child of God.” Sprinkled throughout his talk Dr. Sunleaf had various questions for the audience to discuss amongst themselves, some of those questions. He prompted audience participation by asking students to share what they had discussed.

“I try to leave people better than I find them,” said Dr. Sunleaf. This motto stuck throughout the night. He then asked that the students to find him after the event to share what motto they live by. The night was littered with jokes, root beer, good friends, and a Dean who has a heart for the students and has seemed to find his vocation at Loras. What a Friday night.

The Holy Spirits and Biblical Brews glasses raffled off during the night might be available for order sometime in the near future, so stay tuned with CORE team.

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