Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural GasDUBUQUE, IA — Gasoline is no longer your only option when deciding to fuel up in Dubuque.

This past Friday the city celebrated the ribbon cutting of its first compressed natural gas station.

Located at the Kwik Stop convenience store at 1215 East 16th street, the natural gas is, at this time, $1.10 less a gallon with the same fuel mileage as regular gasoline.

And according to Jill Reimer, Vice President of Rainbo Oil Company, that isn’t its only benefit.

“It’s easier on your car, easier on your maintenance, and probably the best is it’s easier on our atmosphere—it’s very environmentally friendly.”

While the new fuel option is not compatible with all vehicles, conversion kits can be purchased for installation.

There are only two other gas stations in Iowa that have compressed natural gas—making Dubuque on the cutting edge of sustainability efforts.

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